Grape wine & raisin

Source: Global Times [17:10 March 17 2011]

The grapes of Xinjiang are renowned far and wide. Extensively cultivated and producing high yields, grapes are second to none among the fruits of Xinjiang, and rank among the finest nationwide. Grape-growing and wine- making in Xinjiang are mentioned in Sima Qian's Historical Records: The Account of Dawan (the old name for an area within present-day Xinjiang), and in other chronicles. Research by foreign historians has firmly established that grapes were introduced to China from Xinjiang and Central Asia at the time of the envoy Zhang Qian's journey through the Western Region at the beginning of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220). Later, Xinjiang's fine wines and wine-making methods were carried across the Central China, and through the ages their fame spread far and wide.

Raisin in Xinjiang is also famous in China for its surpassing sweetness.