Source: CRI [17:10 March 17 2011]

Xinjiang Kebabs, also called Xinjiang mutton-skewers, are a snack with the unique local flavour of Xinjiang. Kebabs prepared and sold on the street and at fairs in both town and country, as well as in large restaurants. They can be found all over China.

The seller first cuts fresh mutton into cubes and mixes them with minced onion. After marinating the cubes for half an hour, he or she puts iron skewers, each one thirty centimeters long with a wooden handle, through the mutton cubes, spreads fine salt, chilli powder and other condiments on them, and places them over a charcoal fire in an iron trough. They are turned around and roasted for a few minutes before they are sold. Kebabs are crispy outside and tender inside, slightly salty and hot. They are not greasy and have no unpleasant smell.

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