The introduction of Xinjiang music and art

Source: Global Times [17:11 March 17 2011]

Since the 1980s in particular, Xinjiang's cultural development has made enormous progress, benefiting from China's reform and opening-up process. In modern-day Xinjiang, a fairly comprehensive system of art forms has been established, including music, dance, theatrical arts, Quyi (folk/traditional narrative arts), acrobatics, fine arts, and so on. Cultural resources in Xinjiang are being fully tapped, which helps to fulfill the increasing cultural need of the Xinjiang people and provides unique impetus to the region's economic and social development.

In today's Xinjiang, the culture and arts of all ethnic groups are thriving. There are now 89 professional performing arts groups (among which six are of autonomous region/provincial level, 24 of municipal level, and 59 of county level), two art research institutes, eight fine arts academies, and four art schools (including schools of both higher and middle-level education).
There is much variation in the music of East Turkistan/Xinjiang, including unique regional differences in Ili, Kashgar, Khotan and Aksu Prefecture.