Source: Global Times [17:11 March 17 2011]

The rawap is a shorter lute, plucked with a horn plectrum. Several different types are played by the Uygurs. The Kashgar rawap, at around 90cm, has a small bowl-shaped body covered with skin and five metal strings, and is decorated with ornamental horns.

The shorter herder's rawap (qoychi rawap), found in the Hotan region, measures around 70 centimeters and is strung with two pairs or three of sheep-gut strings. Both of these types are played by the narrative singers. The Dolan rawap, principal instrument in the Dolan Muqam, with one melodic and several sympathetic strings and pear-shaped body, ressembles the Afghan rubab more closely than the Kashgar rawap.

The Qumul rawap is similiar to the Dolan version, and is used in folksongs and the Qumul Muqam. The Kashgar rawap has more recently become a professional virtuoso solo and orchestral instrument with six metal strings tuned do-do-so-re-la-mi. An equivalent bass rawap has also been added to professional orchestras.