Ethnic unity remains mainstream in Chinese history

Source: Xinhua [14:36 September 28 2009]

Despite short-term separations and local divisions in Chinese history, unification has always been the mainstream and trend, said a white paper published here Sunday.

The vast territory of China, the time-honored and splendid Chinese culture and the unified multi-ethnic country are all parts of the legacy built by all ethnic groups in China, said the document issued by the Information office of the State Council.

The long-standing existence of a unified multi-ethnic state in Chinese history greatly enhanced the economic, political and cultural exchanges among different ethnic groups, said the paper, entitled China's Ethnic Policy and Common Prosperity and Development of All Ethnic Groups.

This reinforced the allegiance of ethnic groups to the central government and their identification with Chinese culture, it said.

It also strengthened the cohesion force, vitality and creativity of the Chinese nation, giving rise to the unification and diversity of Chinese civilization, it said.

All ethnic groups were bound closer together by a common destiny of sharing weal and woe, and felt a stronger sense of responsibility as creators of Chinese history.

The common cultural and psychological characteristics of all ethnic groups in China became increasingly "more mature and outstanding," the paper said.

"Today, the Chinese nation has become a name with which all ethnic groups in China identify themselves and to which they give their allegiance," said the paper.