China opposes all foreign interference in internal ethnic affairs

Source: Xinhua [11:30 September 28 2009]

The Chinese government resolutely opposes all foreign interference in the country's internal ethnic affairs under the excuses of "ethnicity," "religion" and "human rights," said a white paper issued by the Information Office of the State Council here Sunday.

The paper, titled "China's Ethnic Policy and Common Prosperity and Development of All Ethnic Groups," said "China's ethnic issues are strictly internal affairs of the country itself."

"The country is determined, in accordance with the law, to guard against and crack down on any infiltration into China, sabotage and subversive activities against China conducted by forces of terrorism, separatism and extremism," it said.

History and reality have proved that if all ethnic groups in a country are united and treat one another with love, such a nation is bound to enjoy good administration, harmonious life and prosperity, according to the paper.

"If a country is full of ethnic conflicts and confrontations, such a nation is sure to suffer social unrest and bring calamity to its people."

The state appropriately handles disputes and conflicts jeopardizing ethnic unity, the paper said.

The paper stressed that the state safeguards the dignity of law and protects the people's interests, and punishment will be meted out for any criminal offences regardless of the convict's ethnicity, religious belief in accordance with the law.

In recent years, the central government and local governments at all levels have established permanent mechanisms and emergency response plans for handling issues jeopardizing ethnic unity, and appropriately and promptly resolve conflicts and incidents jeopardizing ethnic unity for the maintenance of the unity of all ethnic groups and social stability. it noted.

The state is convinced that quickening the economic and social development of minority communities and minority areas is the fundamental solution to China's ethnic issues, the paper said.