The unusual sights of my hometown

Source: English-test [14:09 July 12 2009]

My hometown Xinjiang is the biggest province of China. It has very complicated geographic environment such as mountains, valleys, deserts and even lakes. The torography is very rich in both high altitude and low altitude. The supernatural power of creater in Xinjiang has produced many unbelievable scenes. Beautiful sights added by unusual features make the landscape of Xinjiang pretty splendid. In my hometown, three most significant points of interest with both unusual features and beautiful sights attract lots of tourists all year.

The most significant sight of all is the Mountain of Flames which appeared in the famous ancient novel called Journey to the West(Xiyouji) long time ago. Located in the middle of city Turpan, the Mountain of Flames looks like some big piles of flame current in red and brown. That's really amazing! And it's hot in the summer. Standing by the sides of the mountains will make you feel like staying in a rushing stove. Moreover, the air is flowing and rising from ground to the space above as you can see them clearly. There are also some funny jokes based on the incredible hot weather. For instance, once there's a saying that you can fry eggs on the hot rocks. Because of the tough weather condition, plants seldom grow on the mountains.

There is only one place called " the outfield Jiangnan" in Xinjiang, otherwise, its real name is Sailimuhu Lake. We often call it its nick name : the tiny sea. Because the size is quite large and to the local people who seldom have the chance to see the real sea it's as large as the sea in their imagination. Reflecting the pure blue of sky, the water in the lake is azure and transparent like a big block of crystal.

A local myth said that there is a monster shaped like a huge fish in the center of the lake, which however can not be proved by any evidence. The lake is surrounded by plains connected with mountains that are covered by thick grasses. And the grasses, pine trees, wild flowers, sheep, cows and antelopes are living harmonically together on the hills and plains.

he surrounding is always full of vigor and it seems that their vital energy of life will flow out of the mountains in summer and autumn. Once the cold weather comes, the colors will be fading step by step until finally the whole area turns out to be a white snow world. Actually there are only two seasons in the lake district, namely the white season and the green season. Thick ice covers the lake make the surface flat as smooth glass. What's more, the plants and hills nearby are all gaining weight due to the continual falling of the snow. The snow coats of the plants are the insurance for them to be more lusher next year.

The world second largest desert, Takelamagan Desert is as large as 337600 square kms and it is situated in the north side of Tianshan Mountains which divide Xinjiang into two parts, the northern and the southern Xinjiang. It is also called " the sea of death" by local people because it is the most mysterious and seductive desert in the world and it's extremely difficult to walk all through it alive! Although the name of the desert is so horrible, it attracts more and more tourists to take a risk.

Maybe it has something to do with its special or unusual natural beauty. The sands are flowing under the power of wind like giant dragons moving and changing from time to time. The whole scene seems like weaves moving to and fro in the golden sea. Sands are shining under the gorgeous sun. There are also some special plants with very strong vitality exists in the desert. The maximum temperature in summer may be 67.2 centidegrees and the temperature differece between day and night can be as high as 40 centidegrees. Because of the evaporating of the thin steam, there may be dreamy mirages above the surface of the sands. It's a kind of visional illusion that rarely happens but if in a appropriate time.

Is there a place exists in China that has so many sights that are more unusual and beautiful than those of Xinjiang? Obviously, the answer of me is absolutely no. It's not only because Xinjiang is my hometown, but also it is a really magic lands.