A beautiful land—my hometown

Source: Global Times [14:23 July 12 2009]

There's a piece of beautiful ;and in China's Northwest, I was born here, grow up here. Where? That's here, my beautiful hometown-XinJiang.

Everyone knows XinJiang is the largest provnice in China:16 millon square kilometres, taking up one sixth of the total area of China . Here, you can enjoy kinds of land forms : gllaciers, gorges, rivers and lakes, here you can get the straight figure of populus euphratica with thousand-year's strong life in the  "dead sea" desert , here you can even ride horse freely in the large green grassland.

 In sping, XinJiang is a piece of  holly land with bountifully atfractive stories and legends. The lake of  KaNasi is where the big-head fish once lived  which has died out since the glacier age. What's more, sometimes you can get their swimming shadow with a body form 15metres to 20 metres. For this, it's like the monster called  in the Lake of  NiSi.

This is my hometown. Of course, I really can't show you a perfect picture of  XinJiang in one word. I just want to sincerely invinte you to experence it by yourself, to enjoy its plain people to savor its particular custorms , to taste it delioious speciclties to experernce everything you want.