Source: Global Times [11:36 July 11 2009]

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City Intro:

Kashgar is about 280 km from Tashkurgan. It is a city out of another world. The city's relative inaccessibility has had a great influence on its character. This place looks dramatically different from the rest of China, even from the rest of Xinjiang.

Open air market

Kashgar is China's Muslim center. It used to be an important stop on the centuries-old Silk Road, and trade remains timeless still in this vibrant oasis, at least on Sundays, when the bustling markets are packed with uniquely dressed Uygurs, ambitious Central Asian traders and veiled Muslim women. Muslim features are visible throughout the city. Mosque towers high up above mud-thatched houses.

The lush green open valley of Kashgar with tall poplars is famous for cultivation of fruits, vegetables, grains, cotton and livestock, and rich in strong national characteristics of the Uygur people.

Karakul Lake


Climatic Features: mainly a continental climate; varied greatly with topography as plain climate, desert climate and mountain climate; frost-free period of 215 days.

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