Source: Global Times [13:58 July 11 2009]

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City Intro:

Shihezi is a city in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regions. Built in the Junggar desert from 1954, it has more trees per acre than any other city in China. It is a quiet little city with friendly people that rarely sees tourists.



Shihezi gained its game from stones. In history, Shihezi was a desolate area of Manasi County at first, and then it was put under Shawan administration. Shihezi was a desolate place with reed growing everywhere and it was also the haunt of wild animals. It was a gully full of cobblestone, just like a running stone river. Thus came this straightforward and simple name-Shihezi. People here have brought the rural area into cultivation, they united together, and did pioneering work, and they devoted themselves to this place and created many miracles at Gobi Desert.

Now Shihezi is a city with nice environment, it has been honored as "Pioneering Army City" for its number of armymen, it gained the reputation of "Clean City", "Garden City" and "Excellent landscape engineering city" for its fine environment, it is also well-known aboard as "City of Poem". It is a model of supporting and cultivating the construction of the border areas. It has the reputation of "Pearl of Gobi Desert" for its fine environment, unique culture, dazzling civilization.


Shihezi is located in the temperate zone of a dry continental climate with the highest temperature reaching 42.8℃, the lowest 39℃, a frost-free period of 165 days, the deepest snows 40 centimeters, the thickest ice 50 centimeters, a frozen-earth depth of between 70 and 140 centimeters and an annual mean sunshine time of 2,809 hours. The annual average wind speed is 2.1 meters per second and the annual average number of windstorm days is twenty-six. There are coal and limestone deposits in the mountain area in the northern part of the Tianshan Mountains, seventy kilometers from the Shihezi city proper.

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