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Attractions around the City

Apart from those above, there are also many other wonderful sights around the city. Tarim River is a large piece of oasis in desert. Primitive diversifolious poplar (Hu Yang) trees contribute to an 'eight hundred li green corridor' in Yuli (Lopnur) County and 105 kilometers (65 miles) from the city district of Korla. Set in the large Takla Makan Desert, Tarim River and the largest diversifolious poplar forest in China, the county is just like a miniascape of Tarim Basin. Villagers and their offspring still live in the old way - canoeing and fishing.

Jingyu (Cetacean) Lake in the south is named for it is cetacean-like shape. In the east section of the lake forms a 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles) grit dike which naturally divides the Jingyu Lake into west and east parts. There is a river feeding the east lake, while the west one is a backwater with high salt content and evaporation, without charging of freshwater. When flocks of birds fly to have a rest in the east lake, the west is mute. Hence, it was also known as Yinyang Lake.

There is also a Buddhist shrine that can not be forgotten. Sitting on cliffs on the north bank of Muzat River, Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves in Baicheng County of Aksu Region is the earliest Buddhist art treasure trove in China, even one century earlier than the Mogao Caves.

All attractive sights of Korla can not be described in limited pages and should not be. The true charm of the city and places around should be learned by those who really get there. Have you prepared for the trip to Korla? It will not disappoint you.

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