Source: Gobal Times [16:25 July 16 2009]

City Intro:

Tacheng, (Chinese: 塔城; pinyin: TÇŽchéng), or Qoqek, is a county-level city (1994 est. pop. 56,400) and the capital of Tacheng Prefecture, in northern Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China.

The city is sometimes called Tarbaghatay or Tarbagatai, and local Turkic speakers know it as Chöchek, Chawchak or Chuguchak.

It is located in the Dzungarian basin, some 10 km from the Kazakhstan border. It is a major center for trade with Central Asia, it is an agricultural hub. Its industries include food processing, textiles, and utilities.

Tourist Attractions:

Tacheng in northwestern Xinjiang is an ancient city and once served as an important commercial town on the ancient Silk Road. There are such tourist attractions as the Badanxing Nature Reserve, Sarkule Lake, and Baketu Port.