Kumul (Hami) travel guide

Source: Global Times [10:34 July 11 2009]


Buses to Urumqi, Jiuquan and Dunhuang usually depart Kumul beginning at 7:00am in the summer and 8:00am in the winter. Visitors can also easily find buses to Turpan. Occasionally, busses also run to Mongolia.


Bank of China: 0902-2234543, 2234205 (Credit Card Departmet)


Tourist Complaints: 0902-2251985

Weather Forecast: 121

Zip Code Inquiry: 184


When to go:

Kumul enjoys a typical temperate continental climate. The weather is dry and seldom rainy. Northern parts are cool in summers, filled with vast grasslands. The southern Kumul Basin is dry, with a temperature that varies greatly between day and night.

August and September are the best times to travel to Kumul, when it experiences cool weather and local fruits are in season.

Where to go:

Barkol Lake: This alpine lake is surrounded by continuous mountains. In the summer, herders, tents, and flocks surround the lake, forming a picturesque summer resort.

Devil City: Devil City is reputed as the number one scenic spot in Xinjiang for Yar-dang ecology and geology. Located in the vast Hashun Gobi (southwest of Kumul) the Devil City features unique natural scenery of mounds, valleys, and grooves.

Other Scenic Spots: Hill with Strange Rocks, Singing Sand Mountain (Mingshashan)