Kizilsu travel guide

Source: Global Times [10:38 July 11 2009]


Artux is about 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Kashgar Airport. Apart from flights to Urumqi, it also operates some international flight to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. As to the railway station, Kizilsu also rely on the Kashgar Railway Station in the city proper which is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Artux.

Kizilsi Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture' tourist bus station is seated in 19, Tianshan Lu, Artux City. 

Bank of China Kizilsu Branch: 2, Pamir Xi Lu, Artux City  

China Post Kizilsu Branch: Pamir Lu, Artux City


Tourist Complaints: 0908-2069980 

Weather Forecast: 121

Zip Code Inquiry: 184


When to go:

Kizilsu is situated in the hinterland far away from the sea, bearing a typical temperate continental climate. The weather of the prefecture is characterized by strong sunlight and aridity. It is chilly in winter and the temperature is unstable in summer. 

Summer and autumn are  the ideal time to visit Kizilsu

Where to go:

Muztagata peak is situated in Akto County capped with snow and ice all the year round. The formidable peak stands in the Pamir Plateau setting off perfectly with the Karakul Lake. When summer and autumn come on, the resort became the base camp of climbers. The peak and the alpine lake surrounded by snow mountains are the most famous sights of Kizilsu prefecture.

Other Scenic Spots: Auyitagh Scenic Area