Karamay travel guide

Source: Global Times [10:50 July 11 2009]


Karamay Airport is 17 kilometers (11 miles) from downtown Karamay. At present, only one daily flight leaves for Urumqi in the morning for an hour's journey. If traveling to Urumqi from the bus station of Karamay, a ten hours' drive may be needed.


Tourist Complaints: 0990-6888861, 6623009

Weather Forecast: 121

Zip Code Inquiry: 184


When to go:

The terrain of Karamay is long and narrow, higher in the northwest and lower in the southeast. Generally speaking, its western and northern territories are occupied by mountains, while its central and eastern parts are vast open flat spaces. 

Karamay has a typical continental climate characterized by a lack of rain and quite windy spring and autumn. Winter is extremely cold and summer is roasting, generating a large temperature difference between these two seasons. Comparatively, its spring and autumn are short during a year, best for visiting. 

Where to go:

Baiyanghe Gorge: 17 kilometers (11 miles) west of Urho District, the gorge is located in the spectacular section along the Baiyang River where the diversiform-leaved poplar forests flourish in the river valleys.

Devil City: Also called 'Urho Wind City', the devil city is situated 110 kilometers (68 miles) northeast of Karamay, covering ten square kilometers of stunning Ya-dang landscape. When it is windy in spring and autumn, the rock formations blow like whistles, hence its name, the Devil City.