Hotan (Hetian) travel guide

Source: Global Times [11:13 July 11 2009]


Hetian can be reached by coach and flight. Due to the desert and mountains, there is still no railway built to.

By Air
The Hetian Airport is 12 km far south of the city. Each week, there will have flights between Urumqi and Hetian 2 hours' flying. You can fly to Urumqi, then connecting flight to Hetian. The flight ticket office of Hetian is at No.3 Urumqi South Road.

By Bus
National highway No.315 passes through Hetian westward to Kashgar, eastward to Minfeng. The highway is a very straight desert road like you see in the American movies. It will take around 10 hours from Kashgar to Hetian by coach. The coach station of Hetian is at No.80 He Mo Road.

Local Transportation

Because of locating in the Taklimakan Dessert, most of the sights are in the desert area, the convenient transportation is taxi, but a four-wheel drive jeep will be better for your trip.


when to go:

Hetian  is located in the warm temperature zone, dominated by a dry continental desert climate; hot in summer and not too cold in winter; great temperature disparity between day and night with little rainfall and a high evaporation rate; frost-free of 182 and 226 days a year; an average sunshine time of 2470.4 to 2875.9 hours annually.

Where to go:

Mountains: Karakorgan Range, Kunlun Range

Rivers: Karakax River, Yulongkax River, Hetian River, Aksu River, Yarkant River

Local Highlights: Hetian jade, Hetian sheep, Hetian silk, Hetian carpet