Xinjiang develops tourism

Source: [14:14 July 11 2009]

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region boasts some of the best tourism potential in China. And, in recent years, the region has made great efforts to develop tourism, which has benefited thousands of local farmers and herdsmen.

The high season for tourism is about to arrive at the scenic area in Bu'erjin County. Kazak women are busy embroidering to prepare for a major increase in sales.

Kazak woman are traditionally good at embroidering, but not good at business. In order to tap the potential tourism resources, a local women's association has brought the embroiders together to design and make their own souvenirs for tourists.

Their art pieces have won several national awards and a state patent. And businessmen have come from overseas to order their products.

More than ten thousand farmers and herdsmen in Bu'erjin County are involved in the tourism business. And the tourism revenue accounts for one third of the county's annual income per person.

But the booming tourism industry has brought some problems, such as over-crowding and pollution. The local tourism bureau has closed down temporary eateries scattered around the scenic area.

The tourism bureau has also invited international environmental protection experts to evaluate their situation and offer ideas regarding conservation. Local people have also been taught how to protect their environment.