Gaochang Old City

Source: Global Times [10:50 July 11 2009]

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Located at Sanbao Village more than 40 kilometers away from the east of Turpan, Gaochang Old City used to be the capital city of Gaochang Kingdom. 

Built in the first century B.C. and originally called Gaochangbi, Gaochang Old City used to be a garrison town and later became a key point along the ancient Silk Road.

It was initially built in the first century BC. The city was burnt down around the 14th century, during a period of warfare that lasted 40 years.

After over 2000 years of vicissitude the remains of the Old City walls still stand majestically at the foot of Flaming Mountain.

In 1961, the Gaochang Old City was listed as one of the key national cultural protection units.

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