'East Turkistan' terrorist forces

Source: Global Times [08:45 July 14 2009]

Since the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang September 25, 1949, the "East Turkistan" forces have never resigned themselves to their defeat. The tiny group of separatists who had fled abroad from Xinjiang collaborated with those at home, and carried out splittist and sabotage activities with the support of certain international forces.

Especially in the 1990s, influenced by religious extremism, separatism and international terrorism, part of the "East Turkistan" forces plotted and organized a number of explosions, assassinations, arsons, poisonings and assaults, seriously jeopardizing the lives, property and security of the people of various ethnic groups, and social stability in Xinjiang.
"East Turkistan" terrorist organizations  
"East Turkistan" terrorist organizations include East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), the East Turkistan Liberation Organization (ETLO), the World Uygur Youth Congress (WUYC) and the East Turkistan Information Center (ETIC).

East Turkestan Islamic Movement

The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is one of the most damageing terrorist organization of "East Turkistan". The terrorist organization aims to split China and create a unification of state and church, Islamic state of East Turkestan. ETIM was listed by the United Nations as a terrorist organization on Sept. 11, 2002.

East Turkestan Liberation Organization

The East Turkestan Liberation Organization (abbreviated to ETLO), one of the most damageing terrorist organization of "East Turkistan", is a secessionist Uyghur organization that advocates an independent East Turkestan. The organization was established in Turkey in 1996 and its headquarter settled in Istanbul.

World Uygur Youth Congress

The World Uygur Youth Congress was abbreviated to WUYC. It is a terrorist organization conspiring to split Xinjiang from China. The first World Uygur Youth Congress was held in Munich, Germany, November, 1996.

East Turkistan Information Center

East Turkistan Information Center was abbreviated to ETIC. It was a terrorist organization, established in Munich, Germany, June, 1996. The organization conspired terrorist activities and advocated religious extremism on Internet.