Timeline: Terror in Xinjiang

Source: China.org.cn [08:45 July 14 2009]

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On April 5, a group of terrorists, aided and abetted by the "East Turkistan Islamic Party," created a grave terrorist incident in Barin Township, Akto County, Xinjiang. They preached a "holy war", the "elimination of pagans" and the setting up of an "East Turkistan Republic". The terrorists tried to put pressure on the government by taking ten persons hostage, demolished two cars at a traffic junction and killed six policemen. They shot at the besieged government functionaries with submachine guns and pistols, and threw explosives and hand-grenades at them.

On February 28, an explosion engineered by the "East Turkistan" terrorist organization at a video theater of a bus terminal in Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, caused the death of one person and injuries to 13 others. On the same day, the terrorists also planted a bomb at a private store in the county seat, which, fortunately, did not explode.

On February 5, the terrorists blew up two buses (Buses No. 52 and No. 30) in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang, killing three people and injuring 23 others. Two other bombs – one planted at a cinema and the other in a residential building – were discovered before they could explode, and defused.

On August 24, two "East Turkistan" terrorists stabbed and seriously injured Abliz Damolla, an executive committee member of the CPPCC Yecheng County Committee in Kashgar Prefecture and imam of the Great Mosque there.

From June 17 to September 5, the "East Turkistan" terrorist organization was responsible for ten explosions at department stores, markets, hotels and places for cultural activities in the southern part of Xinjiang, causing two deaths and 36 injuries. Among them, the June 17 explosion at the office building of an agricultural machinery company in Kashgar demolished the building, killed two people and injured seven others. The August 1 explosion at the video theater of the Foreign Trade Company in Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture, injured 15 people, and the August 19 explosion in front of the Cultural Palace in the city of Hotan injured six people.

On July 7, rioting event were plotted and roused by terrorists to break into and smash the Prefectural Party Committee, government offices and public security bureau at Hotan.
On March 22, two armed and masked terrorists broke into the home of Hakimsidiq Haji, vice chairman of the Islamic Association of Xinhe County, Aksu Prefecture and assistant imam of a mosque, and shot him dead.

On April 29, a dozen armed-to-the-teeth terrorists broke into the homes of Qavul Toqa, a National Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and deputy to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Congress at Qunas Village of Alaqagha Township in Kuqa County, and three local Uygur grassroots officials, committing bloody violence by means of explosion, shooting and stabbing. The terrorists threw two bombs into Qavul Toqa's home, seriously injuring him and his wife. Avul Toqa, Qavul Toqa's younger brother, was stabbed to death with seven wounds, and his wife was first stabbed then shot to death. Anvar Qavul, Qavul Toqa's son, died of nine stab wounds and a shot to the head, and his wife died of eight stab wounds and two shots to the head. Javup Muhammatman, a village official, received serious stab wounds.

On May 12, terrorists slew Arunhan Aji, the chief mullah of Id Kah Mosque and concurrently vice chairman of the Xinjiang Regional Committee of the CPPCC.

On August 27, six terrorists in combat fatigues drove to the office building of the Jangilas Township People's Government, Yecheng County, where they cut the telephone lines and killed a deputy head of the township and a policeman on duty. Afterwards, they kidnapped three security men and one waterworks tender in a village of the same township, and later killed them in the desert 10 kilometers away. 

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