'East Turkistan' forces pose threat to regional security, stability

Source: Xinhua [08:31 September 22 2009]

The "East Turkistan" forces posea threat to regional security and stability, said a white paper issued by the Information Office of the State Council Monday in Beijing.

The paper, titled "Development and Progress in Xinjiang", saidthe  "East Turkistan" terrorist organizations, with "East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM)" as representative, have carried out actions in Central and South Asia over a long period of time, creating many bloody incidents of terror and violence, including assassinations, arson and attacks on police.

They also secretly participated in terrorist activities plotted by international terrorist organizations, posing a threat to the peace and stability of all countries concerned, the paper said.

Terrorist activities organized by the "East Turkistan" forces aimed against the various ethnic groups of Xinjiang pose an open challenge to the Constitution and laws of China, and are serious crimes of violence against society and humanity, it said.

The Chinese government has, in accordance with the law, combated the sabotage activities of the "East Turkistan" forces to create a stable and peaceful social environment for Xinjiang's development, it said.

It is in keeping with the common aspirations of all peoples of Xinjiang and therefore has won their genuine backing and active support, the paper said.