Relieve the real pain in Xinjiang

Source: Global Times [22:38 September 08 2009]

Xinjiang is in pain. The wounds from the July 5 riots are not fully healed, and the region is suffering new pains from the recent syringe attacks and their aftermath. The nation and the world feel Xinjiang's pain.

Many precious lives have been lost. Many people have been injured. The normal social order has been disrupted.

In the July 5 riots, about 200 people were killed and more than 1,700 were injured.

Now, 531 people have reported being stabbed with dirty needles. The stabbings prompted further unrest that left five people dead and at least 14 hospitalized. More stabbings were reported even on the same day when the government announced harsh punishments for anyone engaging in such attacks.

Relieving Xinjiang's pain requires finding those at fault. They are the criminals who sow the seeds of ethnic hatred and take innocent lives.

Unfortunately those criminals have been glorified by a liar.

What is more unfortunate is that the liar has been welcomed as a "human rights fighter" in the West.

Since the July 5 riots, Rebiya Kadeer, the leader of the World Uyghur Congress, has never stopped fooling the Western public into believing that the criminals are heroes defying the Chinese government.

She was invited to make a speech at a session of the European Parliament's human rights committee early this month. A documentary film about her personal life was screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival in late July.

But as we all know, the right to live is the most basic human right.

That is why murder is considered the most heinous crime by all nations. Zero tolerance for killing innocents and spreading ethnic hatred has become common sense in every civilized society.

With the hard fact that so many innocent lives were lost in the July 5 riots and the syringe attacks, how can the criminals who have challenged the foundation of China's civilization be called "heroes" or "human rights fighters"?

It is an insult to the innocent, and an infringement on human rights.

While it is not unusual for some Western media outlets or politicians to look at China with distrust or bias and to woo their domestic audiences by blaming China, we believe that respect for life and truth are the ultimate goals of all human beings, regardless of ideology, religion, race or nation.

Respect life and truth. Stop supporting criminals. This is the only way to bring real pain relief to Xinjiang.