Kaohsiung urged not to stir up trouble

Source: Xinhua [20:51 September 20 2009]

The mainland resolutely opposed Taiwan's Kaohsiung city to broadcast a film about Rebiya Kadeer in the upcoming Kaohsiung Film Festival, a spokesman from Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said Sunday.

"We believe Taiwan compatriots including citizens in Kaohsiung can see the truth of this issue, and urged the concerned parties of Kaohsiung city not to stir up troubles on the cross-Straits relation," the spokesman said.

"Some forces in Kaohsiung insisted on showing this film that distorted the facts and beautified the ethnic separatists, which has sent a wrong signal to terrorism and violence," the spokesman said.

"Rebiya Kadeer is an ethnic separatist, who has planned the July 5 riot in Urumqi which has killed 197 people and injured more than 1700, and also jeopardized the life and wealth security of innocent people and social order."