Injured people in Xinjiang riot recover

Source: [14:57 July 20 2009]

Nearly two weeks after the deadly riot in Urumqi, some of those injured in the violence have been discharged from hospitals. Meanwhile, armed police are engaged in different activities to help locals restore their lives.

Wednesday is a big day for these 12 people who were injured in the deadly riot.

After over a week's medical treatment, they were finally discharged from this hospital in Urumqi.

"I thank the doctors and nurses here for providing us painstaking care during the days in hospital."

The hospital is also trying to make sure every patient has a full recovery.

"The hospital will provide medical observation after we return home. They will offer treatment if needed."

Meanwhile in Urumqi, armed police set up dozens of make-shift clinics along the city's main streets on Thursday.

Over 400 medical staff were on hand to provide free medical treatment for those in need.

"I very much appreciate what the armed police have done. They help us restore social order. "

Many come to see these doctors for the psychological wounds left by the deadly riot.

"We were so scared that we couldn't eat anything in the first couple of days after the riots. We're calm now since the officers and soldiers are protecting us."

Armed police also visited local households which suffered losses in the riot to help them restore their lives.