Miss Tourism Queen International held in Xinjiang

Source: Xinhua [08:06 July 21 2009]

"Miss Tourism Queen International kicks off on Sunday in Urumqi, the capital city of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Sunday. More than 40 pretty girls share their beauty and talent in this amazing city."

Miss Tourism Queen International is one of the three international beauty contests which has been held for 5 consecutive years in Xinjiang. Girls with different ethnic features from ethnic groups in Xinjiang gathered together to display the beauty and charm of Xinjiang girls.

Soundbite: Merhaba, Uygur contestant "Everyone knows that Xinjiang is the most beautiful place, with a lot of beautiful landscape, such as many special local products in Kashi and Turfan Basin of Xinjiang. There are too many beautiful landscapes to tell." "We welcome people across the world to come to Xinjiang to travel, to have a look at our beautiful landscape , the daily development here and the improvement of qualities of our citizens. We will introduce to them thoroughly in the aspect of culture."

Two weeks after the July 5 riots, the social culture and economic life of Urumqi are recovering gradually. Friends, relatives of contestants and audiences are watching the performance. A model coach is instructing his Kazakh student.

Soundbite: Hou Zhirong, model coach in Urumqi "Before the July 5 riots, I'm very satisfied with the flourishing lives of people in our country. Even now the July 5 riots has broken out, I think we should face to it faithfully. Today I took my Kazak student to attend the 2009 Miss Tourism Queen International semi-final. We hope that more young people in Xinjiang could join in more activities. "

Soundbite: Cheng Jianrong, executive president of Miss Tourism Queen International in five provinces of northwest China "We are very upset to see the July 5 riots, We hope to bring up the culture, economy of Xinjiang, cultural, and economic industries of Xinjiang. It will depend on us. If every one of us is watching and waiting, the economy of Xinjiang will never walk forward. Even though many conditions are not ripe and many contestants may be sacred, we still held it as scheduled. "

The Miss Tourism Queen International has been held in more than 80 countries across the world. It was introduced to China in 2004 and has been held in China annually for five years.