Hospital, society try save young victim

Source: [18:57 July 21 2009]

Hospital staff in Urumqi are still working around the clock to save those injured in the July 5th riots. One of the victims is a four year-old boy. 

For half an hour each time, twice a day, Zhou Xiaohua calls her son's name time and again. She talks to him and sings his favorite rhyme. "Wenwen, you said you love Mommy, why don't you talk to me? Come on, be brave, Mommy promises to buy you new clothes…"

Although four-year-old Luo Wen cannot respond, Zhou Xiaohua believes love can bring him back.

Zhou Xiaohua said, "He's such a nice child. Whenever he saw that we were tired, he would say 'Mommy, take a break.' He is so kind."

All that changed two weeks ago, when the child was hit in the head by the bullet fired from a home-made gun. The bullet lodged in his brain, causing extensive damage.

Li Xinyu is the head of the Intensive Care Unit. He says after days of treatment and two operations, they have taken out the bullet. The boy is showing some encouraging signs, but the doctor says it's still too early to predict how well he will recover.

Li Xinyu said, "It's still too early to say if the boy will definitely wake up from his coma. All we have seen are signs that he is turning from a deep coma towards a lighter state. But anything can happen, all we can do is to give him intensive care and try our best to save his life."

Photos of the boy are among the strongest encouragement for his mother to carry on. Li Xiaohua also keeps a record of all those who have sent their support for the family.

So far, the family has received donations of more than 20,000 yuan, and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous regional government is paying all the bills for treatment. Li Xiaohua said she wants her son to say "thank you" to all these kind-hearted people when he recovers.

If not for the riot, Luo Wen would probably be playing outside with his friend, but now, everybody is praying that he will be OK, and that he will be able to live in a world where this kind of violence does not happen again.