Psychological help to Urumqi children

Source: [18:59 July 21 2009]

Locals living in Urumqi are recovering physically, but the psychological trauma will take time to heal, especially for the children. Psychological counselors are now trying to help. 

Urumqi has opened psychological assistance clubs to help children to recover from the July 5th riot. Counselors are helping them through music, games, painting and handicrafts.

Authorities say primary and middle school teachers will also be trained during the summer holiday, so that they can offer psychological support when the new semester begins. Parents are also invited to the counseling, as their behavior also affects their children.

Lin Yi, Director of Urumqi Schools Health Care Center, said, "We opened a hotline to give one-to-one psychological assistance to children. We are also organizing group healing sessions."

A parent said, "After joining the class, I feel much better. And my child coming here to play with others, also released negative emotions."