Xinjiang employees at Guangdong toy factory resume work

Source: [14:29 July 24 2009]

One month ago, there was massive fight between Han and Uygur employees in the Xuri toy factory in Shaoguan, Guangdong province. A month later, the Xinjiang employees there have resumed work at a new factory shop and they are content with what the company has offered them.

This is the new workshop. More than 700 employees from Xinjiang work here. And among them is Memet.

Starting from scratch, he worked his way up and was recently promoted to be the captain of the workshop. So far he has had nearly 50 apprentices and oversees the work flow.

Xuri Toy factory worker Memet said, "I am training new staff. Since they had learnt the know-how from me, their passion for work soared."