Foreigners confident of Xinjiang recovery

Source: [11:37 July 27 2009]

There are many foreigners living in Urumqi. Sandra Fernandez from the Philippines is one of them. She's been living in the city for 10 years and is a teacher at the Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics. She was shocked by the July 5th riot. After this tragedy, she did not choose to leave, because she wanted to witness the recovery of this once prosperous city.

During the riot, Sandra Fernandez was in her dorm. She had no idea of what was happening.

But after looking at pictures on the internet, she says it felt like a nightmare.

Sandra said the whole event left her heartbroken. She believes the riot was organized.

Sandra says the riot did not impact the relationship between the Uygurs and Hans in her campus. They are studying together and chatting as usual.

Two of Sandra's friends join her for lunch. They are also from the Philippines. Both of them say nothing has changed in the city.

Stepping out of the campus, it was business as usual around the city. Almost all shops are open and there are adequate goods in the supermarket."

The smiling faces prove that life in Urumqi is gradually returning to normal.

Sandra believes that time will cure all the wounds. And she hopes the city she's been living for the past ten years will become more prosperous.

Sandra, along with other citizens, are praying that such violence will not ever happen again.