Family hopes Kadeer will listen to their appeals

Source: [09:01 August 06 2009]

A letter from Rebiya Kadeer's family to her was made public on Monday. Her sons, daughter and brother in China have spoken about their sorrow and expectations for her.

Rebiya Kadeer's family members in China wrote a letter to her on July 24th, asking her not to organize violence and undermine harmony in Xinjiang Yugur Autonomous Region in northwestern China.

Roxingul, Rebiya Kadeer's daughter, said, "Although we were not involved in the July 5th riot in Urumqi, as Rebiya's children, we feel responsible and sorry."

Rebiya Kadeer's relatives believe that the riot in Urumqi was masterminded by her.

Hemet, Rebiya Kadeer's younger brother, said, "My sister called me from the US when it was between ten thirty and eleven a.m. here in Xinjiang on July the 5th. She said something big would happen in Urumqi."

Roxingul said, "The riot was 100 percent caused by separatists in and outside China, including those controlled by my mother."

Kadeer's eldest son Khahar claimed he himself was a witness of the riot.

Khahar, Rebiya Kadeer's eldest son, said, "I saw the whole thing from the balcony of my apartment. Mobs came from the south. They smashed shops, burnt police vehicles as well as buses, and beat passers-by."

Alim, another of Kadeer's sons, took over her company in 1999. He is in prison due to tax evasion.

Alim, Rebiya Kadeer's son, said, "She keeps on insisting that we transfer money to her as she needs money abroad. Moreover, she keeps on telling us to confront with the government, asking us to organize marches in front of the public security bureau or squares. I regret so much. I won't do those things again. What my mother has done has no result. Separatists cannot separate such a great nation, neither can she."

Rebiya Kadeer's family members also expressed their hope that she will listen to their appeals for unity.